Jennifer Howell on Work, Love, Pray speaking on empathy and self-awareness

Episode 12: Want to Build Team Connection? Start Modeling Empathy.

In this episode, host Jordan Johnstone and guest Jennifer Howell discuss the importance of empathy and its role in the workplace. They explore the difference between empathy and sympathy, and how empathy can complement self-awareness. Jennifer shares a personal experience of how empathy in the workplace impacted her and offers strategies for leaders to model empathy and build team connection.

Key Takeaways

Guest Bio:

Jennifer Howell headshot in a black top

Jennifer Howell, leadership consultant, speaker and executive coach, equips executives, leaders and teams to improve their performance, achieve their goals and strengthen emotional intelligence. Spark EQ provides executive and leadership coaching, team development, and workshop facilitation.

Jennifer partners with courageous leaders to help them not only succeed, but thrive at work. Spark EQ’s clients have experienced dramatic business growth, elevated team performance, career promotions and leadership readiness. Jennifer integrates proven business strategies with first-hand expertise that she developed over 25 years working for and with early-stage, growth and Fortune 500 companies, including Accenture, State Street Corporation, Bank of America and the American Heart

Association. Jennifer built masterminds for Fortune 500 executives, facilitated an award-winning mentor program for 180 professionals and raised millions for charitable causes.

Influence Digest named Jennifer a Top 20 Executive Coach in Dallas, TX and a Top 15 Coach in Dallas, TX. Her thought leadership has been profiled in Forbes, Fortune’s Broadsheet, Everyday Health, and two books for professional women, to name a few.