Episode 13: How to Bring God to the Office

As Christians, we are called to be the hands and feet of Christ every day. For some of us, that may be easy to do. But what about when you’re at work? Dr. Denise Daniels and Shannon Vandewarker, co-authors of Working in the Presence of God: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Work, share their research to help us all become more confident in living out our faith at work everyday.

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Guest Bios:

Denise Daniels is a Professor of Management at Seattle Pacific University. She earned a Ph.D. in Organizational Behavior from the University of Washington. Her scholarly interests include meaningful work, Sabbath, leadership, gender, and motivation. Denise is the co-Principal Investigator on a $1.5M research project funded by the Lilly Endowment examining how Christians in the United States understand and engage their faith at work. She recently co-authored, “Working in the Presence of God: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Work,” is also the producer of the “Faith & Co” films, which are designed to deepen connections between faith and work (www.faithand.co). Denise has been married to Craig for 25 years and they have four adolescent and young adult children.

Shannon Vandewarker is passionate about helping people find God in their ordinary, everyday lives. This passion was fueled during her years of study as she earned her BA in Biblical Studies from Azusa Pacific University and a Masters of Divinity from Bethel Seminary. As the Program Coordinator for Fuller Seminary’s Cascade Fellows Program, Shannon worked with professionals in many different industries helping them create a vision for whole life discipleship, and the disciplines for how to live out their faith at work. Shannon lives in San Diego, CA with her two young sons and daughter and husband, Dan who is a pastor. Shannon writes on finding God in the ordinary on her blog at shannonvandewarker.com.