Episode 13: ‘It’s not bragging if it’s based on fact.’ – Redefining Your Self-Perception

What is the first feeling you experience when someone compliments you? How do you first feel when someone corrects you or offers constructive criticism? How we process what others think of us is heavily influenced by what we think of ourselves, which is why understanding “self-perception” is so closely tied to growing as an individual.

Jessie Niespolo, a Senior Strategy Lead on Google’s Automotive Retail Team and co-founder of 4word: Detroit, talks about how she’s built up confidence in herself over her career, and shares her advice for sharing your worth with others in a way that doesn’t come across negatively.   

Guest Bio:

Jessie Niespolo has spent 15 years within the Automotive Marketing Industry and the last 7 years as a Senior Strategy Lead on Google’s Automotive Retail Team.  

In addition to her work on the Auto vertical, Jessie has a passion for helping women reach their full potential.  She currently acts as the America’s Site Lead for Google’s #IamRemarkable Initiative and leads the Google Women@+ Detroit Chapter where she brings programs to the Detroit office that are focused on Women empowerment.

Outside of Google, Jessie is the Co-Founder of 4word: Detroit. Jessie has held the only female board seat on Hope Water International’s board since 2018. Jessie is married to her high school sweetheart and together they are raising four children and co-lead a local Detroit marriage mentorship group.