Mindy Caliguire speaking on soul care and burnout

Episode 13: The Importance of Caring for Your Soul

In this episode, Mindy Caliguire discusses the topic of burnout and the importance of soul care. She explores the symptoms and causes of burnout, as well as the challenges women face in caring for their souls. Mindy shares her personal experience with burnout and emphasizes the need for a deep resolve to prioritize soul care. She also differentiates between self-care and soul care, highlighting the importance of connecting with God’s presence and being responsive to His work in our lives.

Key Takeaways

Guest Bio:

Mindy Caliguire is the co-founder and president of Soul Care. As an organization, Soul Care cultivates soul health among leaders by providing guides, practices, and pathways that help them, and those they serve, personally flourish and achieve missional impact. Mindy serves as an Ambassador for the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA), and in the past has served in executive leadership both in the marketplace and in ministry at Gloo (www.gloo.us) and the Willow Creek Association (now GLN). Soul Care serves ministries and organizations across the US and beyond including LeaderCare, C-12, Compassion International, The Navigators, Christ Church of the Valley, Dallas Theological Seminary, Plum Creek Church, and many more. Mindy‚Äôs most recent book is coming out in September Ignite Your Soul: When Exhaustion, Isolation, and Burnout Light a Path to Flourishing.