Episode 15: ‘Making It Work’ Doesn’t Work: Work/Life Integration

Talk to any professional woman and she will have heard the term “work life balance.” It’s something we’ve talked about many times at 4word, and it’s likely one of the top things discussed among professionals. But what about “work/life integration?” What’s the difference?

Emma Sharma, the Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel and Company Secretary of Valiant Integrated Services and 4word Advisory Board member, chats about why we should be embracing integration over balance and how to avoid just “making it work.”

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Guest Bio:

Emma Sharma serves as Chief Administrative Officer, General Counsel and Company Secretary of Valiant Integrated Services overseeing many of the vital administrative functions of the organization including the human resources, legal, contracts, security, compliance, business integrity, communications and procurement departments. As a co-founder of Valiant Integrated Services, Emma was able to draw on her 23+ years of experience as an international attorney, compliance professional and empathetic business leader. Additionally, Emma has a passion for organizational design, psychology and development and change management. Emma leads mentoring initiatives for fellow executives and senior managers at Valiant Integrated Services.

In recent years, Emma has worked internationally in a number of senior management and legal roles for recognized multinationals including Motorola, Business Objects (now part of SAP) and Capgemini. She is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, England and holds licenses to practice law in a number of jurisdictions.

Outside of work, Emma is a devoted wife and mom to two young children as well as an active member of Holy Trinity Church, McLean. In addition to serving as part of the 4word Advisory Board, Emma is the President of the Board of Trustees of a significant non-profit in Northern Virginia. Her hobbies include a passion for learning about great food and wine, music, movies and reading.