Episode 16: Step Out of the Boat

In the last episode, you met Martha Newsome, president and CEO of Medical Teams International. We got to learn more about how Martha became a passionate advocate for global health, and how she has navigated being a female leader in a male-dominated world.     

In this episode, Martha and host, Jordan Johnstone, talk about how Medical Teams International is working to bring awareness to more issues happening around the world. Martha also shares who the most influential leaders have been in her life and what makes her most proud as CEO.

Guest Bio:

Martha Newsome is the President & CEO of Medical Teams International, a global health and humanitarian organization. She has spent the last 30 years of her life dedicated to serving the health needs of others. In her current role, Martha leads more than 1,500 international staff as they restore health to three million people through medical and dental care, disaster response, humanitarian aid and community health programs.

Considered an authoritative global leader in international public health, Martha has a deep understanding of grassroots operations as she worked her way to senior leadership from the front-line realities of local community health. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wheaton College and a Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University. Martha lived in southern Africa for 15 years, and at the age of 33, was elevated to Country Director for World Vision in post-war Mozambique. Prior to joining Medical Teams International in 2016, she led World Vision International’s Global Sustainable Health team representing three sectors, over 3000 employees and a budget of $700M.

Martha is Chair of the Integral Alliance Board of Directors, an international alliance of 21 faith-based relief and development agencies, and is published in public health journals like the Journal of Mobile Technology in Medicine and Human Resources of Health.