Episode 19: How Emotional Intelligence Can Make You a Better Person (And Christian)

When something unexpected pops up (we’re looking at you, pandemic!), how we respond is incredibly reflective of the level of emotional intelligence we possess. “Emotional intelligence” is a term you’ve likely heard of but maybe don’t know exactly what it means. Dr. Katherine Pang, licensed psychologist, founder/Clinical Director/Managing Psychologist of Lakewood Wellness Partners, founder of the Christian Life Institute, and member of 4word: Dallas, shares what healthy emotional intelligence can look like and why being emotionally intelligent can strengthen your Christian walk.

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Guest Bio:

Dr. Katherine Pang is the Founder and CEO of Christian Life Institute. She is also the Managing Psychologist and Clinical Director at Lakewood Wellness in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Pang has a ThM and MDiv from Talbot School of Theology, two law degrees, an MBA over 30 years of experience in law, business, and education.   

Dr. Pang has also served as the Director of a Women’s Ministry, Bible teacher, Conference, and Retreat speaker and has published numerous books.