Episode 20: Financial Planning is All About Compromising with Yourself

In the previous episode, you met Kay Lynn Mayhue, president of Merit. Kay Lynn laid out the foundation of financial planning and how personalized the definition of financial planning is to each of us. She also talked about the importance of “joyful generosity” and how it is part of God’s calling to us as Christians.     

In this episode, Kay Lynn and host, Jordan Johnstone, talk about why financial planning can be an uncomfortable process, which can also lead to some mistakes or missteps when approaching your finances as a professional woman. Kay Lynn also shares her financial planning top win and biggest mistake, and offers advice on how to start financial planning, no matter where you are in life.

Guest Bio:

Kay Lynn has played many roles in the financial advisory industry: as a successor, partner, seller, and buyer. This unique and diverse background allows her to be able to relate to advisors in all phases of their careers and mergers and acquisitions. With a background in financial planning and leadership, her career expands over several areas, including advising clients, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic growth. 

Kay Lynn worked her way up from an entry-level position to earn her seat at the C-Suites table as President of Merit, which manages over 5 billion in RIA and Brokerage assets under management. She holds her CFP®, AEP®, and RFC® and has been a critical decision-maker for two firms over the past twenty years. Kay Lynn has overseen multiple mergers and acquisitions over the past four years and has been recognized for her position as a female leader in the financial services industry.

She is passionate about helping people take their careers – and themselves – to exceptional levels. Kay Lynn’s influence in the industry and her drive for success is a driving factor in Merit’s ongoing growth and appeal to growth-oriented advisors.