Episode 22: What Financial Planning Looks Like For Women

Financial planning may not be something high on your priorities list right now, but there is honestly no better time than the present to start thinking about your finances and how to strengthen or protect your financial future. For women, financial planning doesn’t have to be a daunting task that men should just “handle.” Financial stability is something that any woman can achieve, as long as she knows what the process will look like.

On this episode, Valkyrie Lang, Investment Advisor Representative at Chisholm Trail Financial Group, an independent financial planning firm in Austin, TX, lists out the financial goals all women should aim for and how anyone can start making their financial future more secure, no matter your starting point.

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Valkyrie Lang’s mission is to support entrepreneurs, especially women, in creating financial independence. She is a passionate advocate for assisting and educating her clients and their families through the unique transitions they can face throughout their lives. She believes our finances and investments should reflect our values. She is committed to serving her clients and their families with respect, non-judgement and excellence.