Episode 4: Just Stay In Your Bucket

Patty Ross, former Nike exec and 4word board member, joins the podcast to discuss change and transition in your life, a shift that all of us experience at some point. Patty shares her personal tips for navigating this chapter in your life with confidence. Hosted by Jordan Johnstone.

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Guest Bio:

For over three decades at Nike, Patty Ross held a variety of leadership positions in strategy, business and leadership development, talent management, employee engagement, organizational change management, innovation, and business operations. She has served as an Organizational Visionary, Executive Coach, Diversity Champion, Builder and Engineer of Processes and Systems, as well as a Connector of People and Ideas, Additionally, she was the Executive Sponsor and Founder of the Women of Nike Network. Her motivational approach is best described as optimistic and results oriented. Patty’s unique skills empower her to be a decisive and accomplished leader, known for breaking barriers, fostering new talent, and delivering game-changing results. Currently, Patty is an Executive Advisor for the People function at Apple headquarters, supporting its talent management, engagement and retention strategy across all US and global divisions.

Patty holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Portland State University. She has also completed the Advanced Management Graduate Program at Harvard Business School and received her coaching certificate from The Hudson Institute of Coaching.

Patty supports leadership and women’s programs in various parts of the country and volunteers regularly in the Portland metro area. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Dave, their dog, Molly, and her many nieces and nephews. She is also an avid sports fan who can be found golfing, hiking, biking, running and practicing yoga.

Patty’s highest passion is helping individuals and business leaders discover meaning and purpose in their personal, professional and spiritual lives.

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