Episode 5: How Neuroscience Can Help You Resolve Conflicts

Have you ever had a disagreement with someone and you thought there was literally no way either one of you was going to make it out alive? Conflict pops up anywhere and everywhere and doesn’t really care about swarming into your life at a convenient time. Conflict also has this knack for twisting the truth and warping the reality of the situation.

Sandi Mitchell, CEO of Apex Catalyst Group, joins the podcast to share her insights on navigating conflict with some tried-and-true tactics and a little bit of neuroscience.

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Sandi Mitchell is CEO of Apex Catalyst Group. She works with leaders from small businesses to major corporations and nonprofits to help improve and/or accelerate in areas such as: leadership, new manager transitions, team alignment, communication, emotional intelligence, strategic planning, negotiations, work place stress and employee engagement. Sandi has over 25 years working in the corporate world, as a business owner, as a Professional EOS Implementer, and as a certified Executive Coach. Her experience is in learning and development, business operations, sales, and management. She is a bestselling author and has written Coloring Outside the Lines: A Grown Up’s Creative Guide to Increasing Emotional Intelligence.