Episode 8: God’s Plan in Mental Illness

All of us will have an “off” day here and there, but what do you do when those days turn into weeks or months? Dr. Deb Gorton, licensed clinical psychologist, shares her expertise on mental health and mental illness, and dives into how the church can better support those within their congregation who are dealing with mental illness. Hosted by Jordan Johnstone.

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Dr. Deb Gorton believes pursuing purpose requires intentionality and a willingness to get uncomfortable. For more than 14 years, she has worked as a change agent for individuals, organizations, and emerging leaders, helping them refine, embrace, and thrive in their purpose. Built on the foundation of relationship, Dr. Gorton’s core philosophy is that collaboration in community produces radical transformation. Through partnership, she inspires others to build bridges between the head and the heart and ignites the courage necessary to make the journey across.

Dr. Gorton earned both her MA in Psychology and her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology in Pasadena, CA.  Additionally, she holds an MA in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Presently, she serves as the Director of Moody Theological Seminary’s Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program as well as Moody’s Counseling Center. She is also the founding president of Siv Consultation (where she really gets to do all the fun stuff listed above).

Dr. Gorton currently resides in Chicago, loves the Cubs, the city’s architecture, and, believe it or not, public transportation. If she’s not home in the city or traveling for work, you’re likely to find her with family in Colorado, Oregon, or Oklahoma (family never makes it easy, do they!?).

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