Episode 9: How to Set Boundaries that Protect Your Mental Health

If you’re working toward being unstoppable this year, we encourage you to spend this month engaging with 4word’s content as we recognize Mental Health Awareness month and the role that mental health can—and should—play in your personal roadmap for your journey to being unstoppable. 

Do you want to be more resilient? Do you want to be more present? Do you want to feel more honest with yourself and in turn, with those in your life? Mental health plays a huge part in making those goals (and many others) a reality for your life.

This month’s guest is Dr. Shannan Crawford. If you’ve followed 4word for at least the past couple of years, you will recognize her name AND voice! Dr. Crawford is a licensed psychologist and the CEO of Crawford Clinics, and she is also the host of the podcast Unlock U. In this first episode of May, Dr. Crawford discusses how the personal decision and commitment to create boundaries is a perfect infusion into the foundation of your own unstoppable development.

Guest Bio:

Dr. Shannan Crawford is a licensed psychologist and the CEO of Crawford Clinics where she and her incredible team of counselors provide innovative psychotherapy services using a holistic Christian approach tailored for individuals, executives, couples and families. She is the host of the podcast Unlock U with Dr. Shannan Crawford. 

As the innovator of the Restoring Self-Cohesion (RSC) approach, a hybrid of psychotherapy and faith-based inner-healing models that facilitates deeper healing than talk therapy by identifying and resolving the unconscious roots producing personal, relational, spiritual, and vocational symptoms. 

Dr. Crawford weaves RSC into her work as an Executive Coach helping leaders and influencers overcome areas of self-sabotage, imposture-syndrome, procrastination and self-limiting beliefs undermining enjoyment in their calling. As a conference speaker, Dr. Crawford speaks for a variety of audiences on topics such as, emotionally healthy leadership, business, anxiety, trauma, marriage, resolving childhood wounds and traumas etc. She has spoken nationally and internally including Singapore, Indonesia, India, Brazil, and Bangladesh. Dr. Crawford loves serving as an adjunct professor at univeristies such as The King’s University in Southlake, TX. 

Passionate to see the end of human trafficking, she serves on the board of untrafficked.org. She is working on a trilogy book project; an allegory fiction adventure that explores the nuances of the internal world through the story of espionage and romance.