4word Podcast: Season 3

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Episode 3: What Are You Chasing? — Entrepreneurship & Balanced Priorities

Molly Fletcher joins the podcast to talk about entrepreneurship, how to identify what you're chasing in your career and life, and how to make sure you balance your ambition with your values.

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Episode 2: Leveraging Your Memorial Stones for Strength Through Any Battle

Dawn F. Landry, author of ARMORED, joins the podcast to talk about how she was stretched and pressed into becoming a "care coach" for her husband through three major, life-threatening illnesses.

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Episode 1: How Sseko Founder Flexed Her ‘Resilience Muscles’ and Saved Her Company

Liz Forkin Bohannon joins the podcast to talk about how she pivoted Sseko in 2020 and how her resilience saved the company.

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