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Resources: Health & Style

We know that you want to look and feel great, so we have rounded up resources from some of our favorite bloggers, organizations, and more that will help you do just that.

Addiction Resource is created to help addicts and their loved ones overcome the addiction. Their goal is to provide you with valuable and verifiable information on substances abuse, addiction recovery, as well as direct you to the different sources of help.

Faithful Workouts

Our Christ-centered fitness programs include exercise videos, menu plans and inspirational articles that will guide you down the path to better physical and spiritual health.

Kendi Everyday

Style Blogger Kendi, writes about her closet, life and other random things along the way.

TAPHealth employee wellness

A wellness, lifestyle and disease management system to help employees stay healthy, stay at work, and be more productive.

National Breast Cancer Foundation

The National Breast Cancer Foundation’s mission is to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and by providing mammograms for those in need.

Healthy Grocery Girl

Healthy Grocery Girl and her team offer nutrition services that fuel and equip busy individuals to achieve their health, freeing them to enjoy and live a real life, rooted in their purpose and passion.


With the support of Care Net and its network of pregnancy centers, people facing unplanned pregnancies are choosing life and hope everyday.

ADDitude: Living Well With Attention Deficit

ADDitude, the magazine for living well with attention deficit and learning disabilities.