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4word helps women in the workplace reach their God-given potential with confidence.

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Mentor Program

An exciting 10-week experience connecting women with mentors who have experience navigating spiritual, relational, and professional decisions.

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Community Groups

Experience authentic community through small local gatherings where women build Christ-centered relationships and achieve their God-given potential.

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Online Community

Connect with 4word online through our regular weekly blog articles, monthly podcast, email newsletters, social media groups and more!

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4word helps women in the workplace reach their God-given potential with confidence.

Want To Get Healthy? Don't Leave Your Mental Health Out of The Equation

Dr. Deb Gorton, psychologist and author, advocates for all of us to get more in tune with how our mental and emotional health is impacting our physical, more noticeable health.

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Episode 18: De-Prioritizing: Your Secret Weapon For Reimagining How You Work

On this episode, Elizabeth Knox, founder of MatchPace and author of the upcoming book, Work Reimagined, talks about why de-prioritizing has been key to her making it through the pandemic workflow.

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Christian women today are running businesses, leading nonprofits, raising children, volunteering at church, and serving as devoted wives and friends. I have no doubt God is using these women powerfully for his purposes and this deep yet digestible devotional from Diane Paddison is a key resource for today's professional women.

Katelyn Beaty, Editor - Christianity Today

The Book that Started it All

Working women of all types will find wisdom for every life stage in Work, Love, Pray - by author and 4word founder Diane Paddison.

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