Join Us on the Journey!

Join the Journey to empower 10 million Christian women in the workplace to change the world by 2030.

How? Your commitment will help empower 10M women around the globe to be Christ centered, confident world-changers by 2030.

What? Journey 4word is a sustainable giving program to elevate Christian women in the workplace as they integrate faith into every aspect of life and work.

4word empowers women to be Christ-centered and connected as they pursue God’s purpose for their lives. We provide mentoring, vibrant equipping communities, and high caliber digital content for influential and aspirational women in the workplace around the world.

Through 4word, God is raising up a global community of women in the workplace to live out the values of Jesus and use their influence to change the world.

Wherever you are on your career path, 4word is the community for you. There are four giving levels to participate with us on the Journey 4word into our next decade of ministry:

Journey 4word donations support all 4word programs and cannot be designated or restricted.

Who is a Luminary? 
The Luminary Level is an opportunity for you to give at any transformational level beginning at $1,200 and up annually. You are a trailblazer in work and life.

  • You inspire others with your leading light.
  • You are an advisor to high-potential faithful women.

The skies are the limit at the Luminary level! Your recurring annual donation provides:

  • One Driven 4word Podcast (annual reach 10K+)
  • One month of scripture based social media post (annual reach of 35K+)
  • Execution of one (of three) annual Mentor Programs (supports 33 women for 6 weeks)
  • Execution of a Group Mentoring Pilot Program (supports 36 women for 1 year)
  • Launch of one virtual International Community Group (reach = Sky’s The Limit)

Become a 4word Ambassador
Donating $50 monthly | $600 annually

  • You live with faithful passion and purpose.
  • You are a mentor and guide to women.
  • You encourage others to maximize their potential professionally and personally.

Your recurring annual donation provides:

  • One Community Group in-person event (impacting 25+ in a local market)
  • One $399 Mentor Program scholarship (current market rate = $1,500)
  • One Group Mentoring Program Assessment for 12 women (program spans 1 year)

Be a 4word Champion
Donating $25 monthly | $300 annually

  • You unite colleagues and peers.
  • You are committed to pursue your God-given potential.
  • You are a trusted friend & teammate.

Your recurring annual donation provides:

  • Publication of one Community Group discussion guide (annual reach of 1,500+)
  • One day of multi-channel global digital content (annual reach of 150K+)

Be a 4word Partner
Donating $10 monthly | $120 annually

  • You contribute to faith-focused conversations.
  • You value relationships and fellowship.
  • You aspire to grow closer to God & like-minded women as you make a positive impact on our world.

Your monthly commitment provides:

  • One scripture based social media post (annual reach of 35K+)
  • Translation of one 4word blog post (multi-cultural community of 10K+)