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Women Who Work, Love, Pray

by Diane Paddison

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Women Who Work, Love, Pray

4word presents the top interviews with high-profile women business leaders (and a few good men!) curated from across five years of the blog. Professional women juggling careers, dating or family relationships, and faith will find authentic, courageous messages in these intimate conversations with Sonja Wilson, Stephanie Kaihoi, Brenda Bertrand, Sonya Bearson, Valorie Burton, Phil Vischer, Betsy Nichols, Meredith Erickson, Reagan Cannon, Jennifer Spaulding, father and daughter Chip and Allison Johnston, “Fixer Upper” team member Laura Stafford, and “American Wife” Taya Kyle.  

4word editors selected the most compelling stories from a diverse group – entry-level to executive suite; corporate and nonprofit entrepreneurs from many cultural backgrounds – who share the surreal excitement of attaining (and exceeding) their dreams, the discouragement of loss and loneliness, and how their faith uniquely carries them through. These stories validate professional women who aspire to develop their gifts in the business world with as much passion as they apply to dating, marriage and parenting, church and philanthropic work. Many of the stories contain a common thread: that finding a community of like-minded, female peers and strong mentors, a resource not easily found, can be a game changer.


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