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Work, Love, Pray

by Diane Paddison

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Work, Love, Pray

The ratio of women in today’s workforce is rising, and old best practices no longer apply. Women launching careers, those considering career transitions, and working mothers re-entering the marketplace will find wisdom for every life stage in Work, Love, Pray.

High-profile commercial real estate executive, corporate board director and mentoring expert Diane Paddison shares the ups and downs of her own corporate, personal, and spiritual life. 15 more leaders advise how to progress in your career without compromise. The foreword is authored by successful executive Charity Wallace, Senior Advisor to Mrs. Laura Bush and Director of the Bush Women’s Initiative.

Questions in every section guide readers to assess their own dreams, skills, and next steps – perfect for group discussion in book clubs.

And it’s not just for women: Work, Love, Pray is a popular must-read for husbands, pastors, and mentors who seek to understand a new generation of women passionate about using their skills to impact their world and benefit their families.


“I wanted to thank you for writing your book. Though it may be aimed at the younger Christian woman, most of it touches aspects of my not so young life. Though I have read several books about “having it all,” yours is the first which addresses faith and the working woman. I purchased several copies and am distributing them among my female cohorts. In fact, by giving this book to one friend I met when we both worked for CBRE, the issue of faith is coming up for the first time. This is a woman who nagged me to get a mammogram which discovered breast cancer years ago. We are close enough for that, but had never discussed God. Wow.”

Thanks so much for publishing this book.
– Erin Leedham, CSM

“The book is very inspirational, practical and honest. It is rare to find a book with all three. I think that any husband of a current or former Christian businesswoman should read this book. I am one of those and it gave me extremely valuable insight into the mind of my wife. Insight into the mind of my wife is, well, something that is priceless! Also, if anyone has a daughter that is a junior or senior in high school OR a daughter in college…they should have their daughter read this book. They will be inspired and given invaluable counsel on the journey they have yet to begin. Counsel that will both help steer them in the right direction and, more importantly, steer them away from things that can lead them astray.”


”We know how valuable a mentor can be for career and life success. However, mentors who can share experience and insights to help balance three important life dimensions – faith, family and career – are extremely rare. As I read Work, Love, Pray, I was amazed at how skillfully Diane Paddison was able to draw from her own experiences as corporate executive, mother, wife and devoted Christian to provide valuable guidance for young women beginning their careers and the challenging balancing act that follows. Like a great mentor, Paddison does not preach or direct. Rather, she shares her own triumphs and heartaches with humility and candor, and poses thought provoking questions for her “mentees” to consider and explore. She doesn’t shy away from sensitive, yet important topics that are too often glossed over in other forums. Reading each chapter feels like a powerful mentoring session with someone who speaks from the heart and wants only the best for the reader.”

– Diane Rhodes

“Work, Love, Pray is written by a gifted, inspirational woman who rose to the top of a career never compromising her traditional values or spiritual growth. Diane Paddison assembles true-life stories that will affect women experiencing the classic competitive forces of work, family and faith. This long-overdue discussion, especially for emerging professionals, is compelling and offers practical guidance and ground-breaking insights for women seeking to amplify their quest for personal and spiritual growth. Work, Love, Pray will move the reader to explore a more meaningful balance as life unfolds while reaffirming how important faith is in our lives. What you learn from this book will become part of your conversation with young professional women seeking their own modern pilgrimage who face the same familiar forces. I personally encourage any woman who doubts you can “have it all” to read this book. Diane’s book would have been remarkably helpful during the early stages of my career, however this many years later, I find it luminous and credible. It is an intellectually stimulating, honest and simple book with a powerful message.”

– Doctor Nancy

“Thank you for such a great piece of work. I don’t think you missed any of the issues, but treated all of them with straightforward courage and sensitivity. Your transparency is refreshing and your communication style inviting. I agree with the gentleman above, this is not just for women – it needs to be read by men and women. As a pastor for 38 years, I wish this book had been available 38 years ago. My insensitivity to the issues addressed here would have been significantly diminished. My sense that all our work, in the church or in the cubicle, on the missions field or in the mines, in the seminary or public schools, done by men, women or young people is all ministry and is to be done for the glory of God. We need more women and men who like Diane know their priorities in life and honor God in all they do.”

– Amazon Customer

“While I am not nearly at the professional level the author has attained (she’s one super smart lady), Diane’s inner struggle of balancing work and family life hit a strong chord with me. For any woman who wants to be able to excel both in her personal and professional lives, this is a fantastic read. She drives home the fact that we don’t have to sacrifice one for the other – we can do it all, as long as we (attempt to) keep each aspect of our lives in check (especially with our morals and values). I loved learning about the strong work ethic she developed even as a child on her parents’ farm, and the many challenges she faced through college, grad school, marriage (then divorce) and throughout her career, all while keeping her faith as a guiding light. A genuine, down-to-earth, “this is who I am” read. I loved it, and a few of my friends have already borrowed it to read themselves!”

– MHarman18, Amazon Customer


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