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Working Women of the Bible

by Susan DiMickele

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Working Women of the Bible

As working women struggle to find mentors in today’s society, Working Women of the Bible asks, what if the women of Scripture are the very mentors we ve been looking for?
Most working women today understand they can never be Superwoman. But if Superwoman is unattainable, whom are we trying to emulate? Is the Bible completely outdated, or does it offer a blueprint, full of real-life, culturally relevant examples for the twenty-first century working woman? Can we actually find female mentors in the Bible–women who defied cultural norms and held positions of power and influence?

Working Women of the Bible confronts these questions with heart and humor, and offers surprisingly simple yet potentially life-altering answers. 224 pages, Leafwood Publishers.


“In the biblical book of Ruth, Boaz blesses Ruth and says, ”May the LORD reward your work.” Christian author, trial lawyer, and mother DiMickele (Chasing Superwoman) attempts to demonstrate that God values and rewards women’s work, both inside and outside the home. DiMickele portrays biblical women, including Eve, Rahab, Deborah, and Ruth, as much-needed mentors and role models for modern women. She demonstrates that biblical women frequently defied cultural norms and held positions of power, and argues that women who ”try to have it all”–a career, a family, and a spiritual life–do not defy the model of womanhood depicted in the Bible, but rather embrace it. DiMickele does not provide her readers with a sophisticated theological or historical analysis of the biblical texts. Instead, she translates these ancient women’s stories into accessible and thought-provoking narratives to which the contemporary woman can relate. Each chapter is followed by a series of discussion questions, facilitating the reader’s personal reflection and making the book well suited for women’s Bible study groups.”

– Publisher’s Weekly, March 2013

“DiMickele has struck a chord with me as I have read these chapters. Each chapter looks at one, famous or not-so-famous, woman whose story is told in the Bible, and the author’s own reactions and questions based on her experience. This book is not just another preachy, get-your-act-together-already Bible study guide for a women’s group where you have to keep up appearances. This book is for real women who want real examples of how to live our real lives.”

– A. Essenmacher

“If you assume biblical women don’t have anything to teach you, think again. Susan DiMickele digs into thirteen working women of the Bible with refreshing candor and wit to offer the modern-day woman valuable life lessons about work, family, and faith-and how God meets us in the often-messy midst of all three. Susan weaves these ancient stories together to create an honest, accessible book chock-full of real-life wisdom and valuable truths.”

– Michelle DeRusha

“Working Women of the Bible is a unique, refreshing, and encouraging book about women and work. Susan DiMickele demonstrates that God offers an incredible variety of work options for women of faith. . . and He has provided women mentors from many different situations to guide us. Biblical examples, personal experiences, and individual reflection questions combine to create a motivating and challenging resource. This book will introduce you to mentors who will inspire and empower you… and your work!”

“This book is really fantastic and gives you encouragement whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom. It put a smile on my face to read about women in the bible who faced the same very similar struggles that I have in my own life! This book confirmed for me once again that God used ordinary women to accomplish extraordinary things all throughout history! These weren’t “superwomen” but these women of faith were followers of God and made themselves available as tools for God to use in a mighty way! I love, love, love this book!”

– Diana Hebben


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