Praying For Slow Miracles

Is God moving too slowly for you?

When I was a little girl, I used to think of miracles like magic spells: God waved his special “miracle wand” and poof!  There in a puff of smoke and fire crackers, something changed instantly for the better.  I laugh at this now, but I also wonder how much I’ve really grown past it.  Okay, I’ve let go of the wand, the smoke, and the firecrackers, but I often still expect to see instant results from God.

I mean, He IS God, right?  He can do anything!

We tend to see and feel only what’s in front of us, but God’s perspective is more vast than we could ever imagine.  Because of this, His perfect timing can feel agonizingly slow to people (me) who are looking for immediate relief.

I’m so glad God is in charge and not me!

I was reminded of this recently when I read some letters from my son Christian.

I shared several weeks ago about a period of waiting in my life when my son was struggling with his faith and making some bad life decisions.  As a mom, it’s awful to see your kids struggling, but I was powerless to change Christian’s heart.  I had to pray and wait and trust God to do His perfect work on His perfect schedule.  I wanted RESULTS NOW, but didn’t get them.

God performed slow miracles in Christian’s heart and life.

Now, one year out of college, Christian works full time with a Baptist church ministry in Red Rock, Oklahoma.  He does all kinds of odd jobs, but focuses special attention on the children’s ministry.  Christian sends out regular newsletters to his family and friends, in last week’s letter he wrote:

I know God is using me radically, and many wish they had the opportunity I have, but seriously, I just want to be so fully immersed in His mind and His love that I do not even think, I just give up and let God, allow God, yield to the Spirit of Jesus.  This is also my prayer request.

As a mom reading what’s on my son’s heart, I love these letters from Christian, but even more than that, I find myself encouraged and challenged as a fellow believer.  And that’s the real beauty of God’s perfect timing.  Today Christian’s heart is on FIRE for Christ in ways it might not have been if he had always made perfect decisions and didn’t appreciate or understand grace the way he does.

When I think back to that period of waiting, when I railed at God for being SO SLOW, I am overwhelmingly thankful that He so graciously ignored my demands for haste.

Are you in the midst of your own slow miracle?