Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! In case you hadn’t noticed, we’ve been focusing on singleness this week, in honor of Valentine’s Day. But now that that holiday has passed, we have a piece of exciting news we’ve been dying to share with you.

Bonnie Wurzbacher joins 4word advisory board
That’s right. 4word has a new board member: Bonnie Wurzbacher, who we interviewed a few months ago. Bonnie is the Senior Vice President of Global Customer & Channel Leadership for The Coca-Cola Company, and we are so excited for her to bring her expertise to 4word.

And speaking of 4word…
Have you bought your copy of Work, Love, Pray yet? It’s never too late to read the book that started it all. Remember that all proceeds from book sales go to support 4word.

Funny Video of the Week
Yeah, we’re jumping on yet another bandwagon with this “Sh*tuff Christian Girls Say” video. Enjoy!

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Up next
We’re getting back to our regularly scheduled programming with another “pray” week.
Monday: Diane answers a reader’s question about how to handle the issue of profanity in the workplace.
Wednesday: We talk to another 4word woman, Rachel Brewster, about her experience as a young, professional Christian woman. Heads up if you live in Boston, ladies, because Rachel is planning to found a 4word Boston chapter!