Interview: Stacy Repult

We’re closing out our mini series with an interview with Stacy Repult. The topic? Well what else could it be but Valentine’s Day? Enjoy! And we’ll pose the same question to you that we do to Stacy, below: share your funny/crazy/cute Valentine’s Day/date stories with us in the comments. We’d love to hear them!


4word: Which of these 6 describes your reaction to Valentine’s Day this year, or is there a 7th option that you would add?

Stacy: None of those really describe my thoughts this year.  My reaction is truly nothing but thinking last weekend when I went grocery shopping that there sure seemed to be a lot of red in several of the aisles. I will say that seeing all that in the grocery store does nudge thoughts of, “Yep…  still haven’t met him.” But I am not feeling anything other than continuing to hope and pray that God does have someone in mind for me and that someday God will bring us together.

4word: Has your perspective on the holiday changed over the years? If so, how?

Stacy: I see Valentines now as a commercial holiday that just seems to put a lot of pressure on men to “get it right.”  I think you either have a great relationship or you don’t, and Valentine’s Day sure shouldn’t make it or break it. I’ve had boyfriends during Valentine’s in the past, and it just seemed like the “prom night” of holidays… so much expectation!

I have a real hope that I will find someone special in the near future and that relationship will lead to marriage. Then, Valentine’s will be a daily affair of the heart and not just about what those commercials tell us we should be doing.

4word: Have there been years when it has been extremely difficult to be single on Valentine’s?

Stacy: I recall some Valentine’s in years past when I struggled with my singleness while listening to my friends sharing stories of roses and candlelight dinners and romance. But I’ve come to realize that’s just the “grass” on one side of the fence. The reality is that the neighbor on the other side may be struggling through really painful issues and Valentine’s is the farthest thought from her mind.

It’s where I choose to focus that makes all the difference. I’m happy for those who are enjoying all the romance, and my heart breaks for those who are in pain. How can I help them? What do they need?  Now this isn’t my own nature. I’ve been amazed at what changes God has brought into my heart as I’ve prayed to love others as He loves them.

4word: How are you celebrating the holiday this year? Or are you doing anything special at all?

Stacy: I would imagine there will be a bit of chocolate involved! Nothing special on the day itself, since I have to teach spin class that night. It will be interesting to see how many of my regulars show up for it!

4word: Do you have a funny Valentine’s date (or just Valentine’s Day) story you can share?

Stacy: I remember being totally in love with this guy years ago who I had been dating a while. He made reservations for Valentine’s and was coming over to pick me up for dinner. I had a burst of creative love and put a trail of Hershey kisses, in little heart shapes, leading from my driveway to my door with a big basket of homemade heart-shaped goodies and a mushy card awaiting at the end of the trail.

When I heard his car pull up, I listened closely from inside. I heard him meandering around until he finally knocked on my door and well… he was appreciative, but looking back I can vividly recall a bit of the “deer in the headlights” expression on his face as he stood there holding a bouquet of flowers. I think it’s just that girls are so eager to love! love! love! and show it and make little goodies and get creative with it and all that jazz. And these poor guys… how can they match us in all of that stuff?!

4word: Haha. Good point. Anything else you wanted to tell us?

Stacy: I’d just add that Valentine’s shouldn’t be limited to a girl/guy relationship holiday. When we were children, it was about telling the whole class that you wanted and appreciated their friendship. It should still be just that – an open love day to all the people in your life.