Putting Your Spiritual Gifts to Work

Jackie ParkerMeet Jackie Parker. She’s the president of the Newell Rubbermaid Foundation and Vice President of Corporate Philanthropy at Newell Rubbermaid. Jackie’s passion for helping people and improving communities have made a noticeable difference for those influenced by the Newell Rubbermaid Foundation, but it doesn’t stop there. Jackie also gives of her time by influencing younger women in the workplace, most recently through the 4word Mentoring Program. Read on to hear what Jackie has to say about mentoring and using your spiritual gifts in the best possible way.


4word: What motivated you to become a mentor in our mentoring program?

Jackie: My life purpose is helping people to connect to their voice within to unlock their full potential. I do this through the operation of the Holy Spirit. I also have a coaching practice that allows me to do this.

4word: How does being a mentor build upon your spiritual gifts?

Jackie: Being a mentor allows me to release the gifts God has endowed upon me, which means I am open to receive more of his anointing when I am walking in agreement with His will for my life.

4word: What is your response to the phrase: “I don’t know what my spiritual gift is!”

Jackie: My first response is to find out if they have ever taken the time to learn about spiritual gifts? Have they ever explored what their gift could possibly be? If the answer is no, my next question is “Great! Would like for me to help you explore your gifts?” I would gladly take them through a few exercises on understanding the gifts of the church and how each member has a unique and special role to play. Next, I would have them complete a spiritual assessment using a tool that helps individuals through the discovering process.

4word: How can a busy, professional woman put her gifts to use?

Jackie: My answer is based on the assumption they have identified what their gift is. In order to use your gift, I think you have to stay in the word and stay in prayer. Stay in the present moment with the whispering of the voice of God. We often say in our prayers to God, to “incline thy ear to hear our supplications”. Well, in return I believe we have to tune our antennas up to hear the prompting of the Holy Spirit on what to say and when to say it. It’s also very important that we live our lives being conscious of how we quench the anointing from fully becoming operational. Our walk, our talk and our lifestyles can possibly keep your gift dormant and quiet just on how you live. We can literally get caught as professional women with business of image management and not “gift” management.

4word: What do you think is the biggest misunderstanding about spiritual gifts?

Jackie: I think the biggest misunderstanding regarding spiritual gifts is that people believe it’s only for a “select few”. The chosen few, if you will. People really look at other people and say they are special because they are walking in their spiritual giftedness and they want to mimic what they see. They want to be someone else’s uniqueness, not truly focused on finding out their own. God gave the church these gifts so we all could be united in perfecting the will of the church, which is salvation. It’s so important that each member of the body understands it role and purpose and how when functioning properly, the full body (the church) will be ready to receive it’s Bridegroom.


What is your spiritual gift? How have you been able to use your spiritual gift to the benefit of others?