Enjoyment: Easier Said Than Done?

This month, we’ve talked about enjoyment and how we can add a little more enjoyment to our daily lives in the midst of hectic schedules and the demands of work and family. But is making enjoyment a priority easier said than done? Here are three tips I’ve discovered help me add a little more enjoyment to everything I do.


#1: Enjoy God first.


For many years I didn’t make spending time with God and enjoying His presence much of a priority. Eight years ago, I decided it was time to commit my mornings to God, and I haven’t looked back. Then, when my daughter started struggling with chronic pain, my time with God each morning became even more precious.


Three years into her battle against pain I can honestly say that one of the greatest enjoyments I have in my life is my daily Bible study. I use this time to fervently ask God to heal Annie, and He gives me daily encouragement that I pass on to my children. Carving out time each morning to spend with God isn’t a chore for me because I truly enjoy each minute with Him. What would change if you viewed your time with God as something to be enjoyed?


#2: Be present with your family and friends.


There are few things more enjoyable than spending time with those we love. But how often do we let long to-do lists and the temptation of social media distract us from being present with our family and friends? Summer is the perfect time to hit “pause” on the chaos of life, set aside our phones and laptops, and enjoy time with our friends and family.


My husband, Chris, and I love to be outdoors, so we make it a priority to leave our phones behind, hike and enjoy God’s creation. I also treasure time spent with people like Norma Coldwell, one of my dearest friends, who will turn 92 this month! We take her out to dinner every two weeks, and each time we get to enjoy hearing new stories and gleaning wisdom from her life. Norma is the embodiment of a 4word woman, and I enjoy every moment we get to spend together.


This summer, make a habit of blocking out time to spend with friends and family with no distractions. Your presence will be a gift they treasure.


#3: Let passion fuel your work.


I am so passionate about reaching women in the workplace for Jesus through 4word that it’s difficult to make myself STOP working! Sometimes I struggle to find the right balance between work and other areas of my life, but I am grateful to have work that I am passionate about. When passion fuels our work we can view our job as an enjoyable way to spend our time, not just something to get through so we can get to the fun stuff.


What area of your life – God, relationships, or your work – do you need to seek enjoyment in this summer?



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