Freedom: Still Searching?

Continue to consider your freedom – in Christ, in your life, and in your career – and read some of our past articles and interviews focused on embracing your freedom and following the path God wants for your life. We hope these words touch your life and impact you in just the right way today!

freedom journey

5 Ways to Navigate the Winding Path

Your career path will not always be straight and predictable. There will be times where it throws you for loop after loop. So what should you do?


end pretending

It’s Time to End the Pretending

Rather than be honest with ourselves and confront the hard things in our lives, we usually put on a mask and pretend to be OK. Well, it’s time to end the pretending, and Esther Fleece shared her personal experience with this in an interview with 4word.


american freedom fireworks

American Woman

What does “In God We Trust” mean to you? As women in America, this phrase should be something we embrace every day.


freedom from anxiety

Three Things You Need to Know About Anxiety

The battle for freedom may take on an added intensity for those suffering with anxiety. If you struggle with anxiety, remember these three important things regarding this crippling affliction.



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