Does Being The Busiest Pay Off?



It’s 8:00AM. You’re either stepping out of your car, at the office, or you’re still on your way. You’ve already been to the gym or gone through the drop-off line at your children’s school. You had maybe two seconds to chug your coffee earlier that morning and you’re already feeling the need for another caffeine dose. Your phone has been beeping endlessly with notifications for meetings, project deadlines, and after-work activities since you pried your eyes open at 6:00AM. As you walk toward your workplace, you already feel the exhaustion creeping in and you wonder how you’ll make it to the end of what feels like the busiest day. Again.


Does that about sum up your typical day? For most of us, “busy” is the only and most accurate word to describe our lives, day in and day out. Even our weekends are brimming with chores and tasks we can’t get done during the work week, leaving us with maybe an hour or two each week when we can squeeze out something that mildly resembles “me time.”


Go through the following list and rank what receives more time in your life right now:



Believe it or not, most of what you deem important right now will hardly matter at all when you reach the end of your race. We are so conditioned to view accomplishment as how much we’ve done in a day, how much money we’ve earned, how many committees and commitments we can pile into our planners, and how many hours we clock at the office. Why?



“Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint.” – Proverbs 23:4


Guilt, lack of confidence, and battles with depression and anxiety are rampant among today’s society, especially among women. God never intended for us to be bustling around like droves of caffeine-crazed Energizer bunnies, jumping from one responsibility and “yes” to the next with no rest or end in sight. According to the verse above, that kind of mentality is foolish. It’s time to become wise and start showing some restraint in your life. You’ve only been given this one life to live; why do you want to rush through it and come to the end with hardly anything worthwhile to show for your efforts?


This month, we will focus on simplicity and all that word means in relation to our lives and our well-being. Join us and choose to start finding white space in your calendar, setting healthy boundaries, and giving God and your relationships the attention and affection they deserve.

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