No Simplicity? No Intimacy.


As Christian women in the workplace, we all desire to be closer to God and grow our relationship with Him. But the relentless demands of work and family can drain not just our physical and mental energy but our spiritual energy, too. It’s not a matter of wanting to be closer to God – but where on earth do we find the time?

For the past 3 years, I have started each morning with a quick devotional from the YouVersion Bible app on my phone. I don’t spend hours each morning reading my Bible and praying, but I have committed to a consistent time with God each day, even if it’s only 30 minutes. The simplicity of this habit has transformed my relationship with God, drawn me closer to Him, and allowed me to encourage my children each day as I share what I learn with them.

Did getting up a few minutes earlier and setting aside time with God every day come easy? Definitely not. It’s easy to put each other on a pedestal, thinking someone else is “superwoman” just because she reads her Bible every day (or at least tells you she does).

You can draw closer to God today. The secret? Keeping it simple.

We can’t have intimacy without simplicity. That’s true for our relationships with our family and friends, and our relationship with God, too. I know I can only develop intimate relationships with a handful of people: my husband, my children and my closest friends. Jesus knew this too, and that’s why he traveled with just twelve disciples. What can we learn from Jesus’ example of simple intimacy with God? It turns out, a lot!



I know it’s hard to put time with God first. The enemy wants to keep you from growing closer to God, and he will do whatever it takes to distract you. By keeping your relationship with God simple, listening and obeying, and staying consistent, even the busiest woman can carve out time for the most important relationship of all: your relationship with your Heavenly Father.

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