What Your Planner Says About You

What Your Planner Says About You

What Your Planner Says About You



Have you ever answered/played along with the question about being stranded on a desert island and only being able to have three things? The answers to this question can be incredibly insightful into the inner workings of a person! Most people pick their favorite people or food or hobby. Others get really deep and start forming a list of random items that can serve multiple life-saving purposes.


Let’s play a new game. If your daily planner only had room for three things, what would you need to have on there in order to feel maximum accomplishment at the end of the day? Different life stages and career levels would yield varying responses, but we can bet that most women in the workplace would have at least one of those slots dedicated to career.


Last month when we talked about purpose, we came to the ultimate conclusion that the foundation of purpose in each of our lives is to bring glory to God. Fantastic idea in theory, but what does that look like in real life? Welcome priorities to the conversation.


At first glance, you would likely exclaim that your priorities are just fine. You go to work each day, you make sure your body gets food and rest as best you can, and you find time to spend with family and friends when you can. You’re getting a paycheck, you’re still breathing, and at least a couple of people would care if you suddenly went missing.


Be honest, though. What, if any, part of those priorities brings glory to God?


“Put your outdoor work in order¬†and get your fields ready;¬†after that, build your house.” Proverbs 24:27


That verse may sound random but here’s the underlying message: don’t try to make your life outwardly beautiful before making sure your inward foundation has been laid. Being successful at work, having tons of friends, and treating your self to “me days” regularly are not sinful activities…unless you are operating with a heart of self-centeredness.


This month, let’s all step into an x-ray machine and get to the bottom of our priorities. This may not be the most pleasant month for some of us, but with the end goal of living a life that prioritizes bringing glory to our Savior, a little discomfort is a small price to pay for living a life that brings more than joy than you can imagine.



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