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Come and explore 4word Community Groups. You’ll find monthly in-person and virtual groups designed specifically for working women with no-preparation necessary. Through cutting edge content and meaningful discussion, you’ll become part of a tribe of women who seek to grow in their faith and professional influence so they can make a difference in the world.

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4word Community Groups meet regularly in small gatherings and large events, providing relationships and resources to help women live out their faith in the workplace, where God has called them to serve. They use flexible formats, from more casual themed conversations to book studies and speaker events, all focused on helping women reach their God-given callings with confidence.

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4word’s response to the COVID outbreak regarding Community Group monthly meetings:

4word is recommending that all our Community Groups follow their state and local mandates regarding meetings and public gatherings. Please check with your Community Group regarding any event cancellations or changes to virtual meetings.

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