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4word: Houston connects, leads and supports Christian women in the workplace to help them achieve their God-given potential with confidence. We see our faith as our foundation, our relationships as our priority and our work as the place God has uniquely gifted us to serve. This Community Group meets monthly for deep connections, prayer support and studies on topics focusing on career, personal growth, and faith.  

4word Houston is the leading Christian women’s group for women of faith in business in the Houston area. 4word helps Christian businesswomen of Houston, TX connect with other women of faith in the Houston area to achieve their God-given potential with confidence.

We know that Christian women in the workplace face unique challenges of balancing career, family and faith. Meet with Christian businesswomen who have already faced similar challenges and find a woman of faith fit to be your business mentor and help you through life’s obstacles.

We see our faith as our foundation, our relationships as our priority, and our work as the place God has uniquely gifted us to serve.

This Community Group located in Houston, TX meets monthly at various locations and virtually in a variety of ways each month for studies on topics relevant to working women and for social gatherings. Find what’s right for you and connect with us below to find out more.

In addition to our Virtual monthly gatherings on the 3rd Thursday, Houston hosts virtual weekly studies. If interested in joining – please email 4wordhouston@gmail.com for more details!

Tuesday morning Bible Study
Join us (virtually) as we read and discuss the Book of Acts

Wednesday Morning Bible Study
Meeting Virtually 7:30-8:30am

We’ll be diving into The King’s Signet Ring, by Chuck D Pierce and Alemu Beeftu

Throughout history, the signet ring has been a symbol of authority, sealing covenants and sanctioning decrees. And today the most powerful, authoritative signet ring is still operating in the world: you.
Believer, as a son or daughter of the King of kings, you carry His authority, power and covenant promises with you wherever you go. Through eye-opening biblical insights, spiritual leaders Chuck Pierce and Alemu Beeftu help you fully grasp and step into this life-changing Kingdom role. 
You are part of a chosen people–a living signet ring–entrusted with the plans and purposes of the King. You can walk confidently in His authority, unleashing the hope, blessings and answers this world so desperately needs.

Our Mission: 
4word: Houston exists to help women in the workplace reach their God-given potential with confidence. 

Upcoming Events

Jun 10 Mon
4:00pm4:00pm (CST)
Starts at $499

The 4word Mentor Program is a 10-week experience. Ticket sales begin May 11, 2024. Class sign-up deadline for this session is Aug 30th.

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Jun 20 Thu
6:00pm7:00pm (CST)

This month we’ll look to the Word for answers to our journey question, “How will I know if I’ve arrived?”

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Aug 21 Wed
5:30pm7:00pm (CST)

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Feb 22 Sat
5:30pm9:00pm (CST)
Starts at $500

Please join 4word for our 10th annual Gala celebration. Paula Faris will be our Guest Speaker

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