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4word: Portland is the leading Christian women’s group for women of faith in business in the Portland area. 4word helps Christian businesswomen of Portland, OR connect with other women of faith in the Portland area to achieve their God-given potential with confidence.

We know that Christian women in the workplace face unique challenges of balancing career, family and faith. Meet with Christian businesswomen who have already faced similar challenges and find a woman of faith fit to be your business mentor and help you through life’s obstacles.

We see our faith as our foundation, our relationships as our priority, and our work as the place God has uniquely gifted us to serve.

This Community Group located in Portland, OR meets monthly at various locations and virtually in a variety of ways each month for studies on topics relevant to working women and for social gatherings. Find what’s right for you and connect with us below to find out more.

Upcoming Events

Jun 10 Mon
4:00pm4:00pm (CST)
Starts at $499

The 4word Mentor Program is a 10-week experience. Ticket sales begin May 11, 2024. Class sign-up deadline for this session is Aug 30th.

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Aug 15 Thu
12:00pm1:00pm (PST)
Starts at $22.09

Join this group of Christian Professional Women as they explore our monthly themes

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Aug 31 Sat
4:00pm3:00pm (CST)
Starts at $499

The 4word Mentor Program is a 10-week experience. Ticket sales begin August 31, 2024. Class sign-up deadline is Jan 10 2025.

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Sep 14 Sat
9:30am4:00pm (PST)
Starts at $25

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Our Leadership Team

  • Trina Lee

    Leader, Communications

  • Stephanie Thompson-Buttice


  • Jennie Mitchell


  • Heather Lohmolder


  • Naomi Inman