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10 Tips for Discovering Your Purpose

September 4, 2017

discover your purpose
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discover your purpose


Why did God put you where you are? What is the mission of your life? Do you feel like each day you live is moving you closer to accomplishing a larger picture goal?  As we discuss purpose this month – how to determine what yours is and how to live according to it – we wanted to give you our 10 Tips for Discovering Your Purpose. We’ll be sharing new tips with you throughout the month of September, so check back each week!


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10 Tips for Discovering Your Purpose


  1. Dying to know your purpose? Stop overthinking it.
  2. Make a list of things you value (causes, products, etc.). Is there a common theme?
  3. As a child, who did you dream of becoming? Revisit that dream.
  4. Gather your family and/or friends into your own personal focus group. What would they say is your purpose?
  5. Find some organizations or charities in your community and volunteer. This change of pace and environment may be eye opening.
  6. Consider your hobbies. One of them may be your purpose, just waiting for you to let it grow.
  7. Spend a day (or weekend) away from it all. Open your Bible, start a thought journal, and just ask God to guide you toward His purpose for you.
  8. Understand that your purpose may not seem “earth shattering.” Not all of us are called to move mountains, and that’s OK.
  9. Don’t be afraid of your purpose calling you out of your comfort zone. Stepping out in faith is the most freeing act you can experience.
  10. Talk to everyone you come in contact with. In learning more about other’s walks of life, you may find the perfect one for you as a result.



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