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Has this month’s topic been difficult to process? Knowing your worth is such a highly sought-after, foundational piece to anyone’s life. As we discussed in the first blog in March, knowing the value you bring to the world and your own life is so important, especially in today’s “do it all” culture. Patty Ross, former Nike executive, shared how she doubted herself numerous times throughout her 34-year career and learned how to bolster herself with confidence in Christ. Even our fearless leader, Diane, has battled doubting her worth in the workplace and shared her tips for being confident in what you bring to the table.


Did you discover a lack of confidence this month? Have you been wondering about your worth for a while? Go through these questions and answer them honestly:



Were you able to answer those quickly, or did you struggle? Knowing your worth is hard, ladies. Having confidence in who you were created to be is not something many of us naturally claim. We all wonder what gives us the right to be strong, confident women of worth.


“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline.” – 2 Timothy 1:7


Remember what we said at the beginning of this month about being a daughter of the King? As that daughter, you’ve been bestowed with a constant confidence companion in the form of the Holy Spirit. Feeling less than? Listen to the Holy Spirit when it reminds you Who made you. Wondering why you exist on this earth? The Holy Spirit is more than willing to help navigate you toward that perfect purpose God personally predetermined just for you.


As a Christian, you’ve been given a power and surety that leaves little room for self-doubt. Don’t listen to the Enemy. He wants you to feel worthless and constantly question your place in this world. Go to your Father and let Him know you’re ready. Ready to be a confident, courageous, and committed woman in the workplace, home, and church. Your worth is funded by the Creator and Ruler of all. Talk about security!




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