cynicism is killing the church

How Cynicism is Killing The Church

cynicism is killing the church



Your weekly roundup :: July 2 – 6

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.


faith in the face of conflict


This week’s blog: “Faith in the Face of Conflict”

This month, we’re diving into the timely topic of conflict and confrontation. How, as Christians, do we respond to conflict at home, at work, or even within our church community? Join us over the next few weeks as we learn how to have faith in conflict!




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Our work, love, pray favorites


work career workplace



Women at Work

This 12-part series on LinkedIn highlights twelve women who have redefined success in their respective fields and given us new role models to look up to.





love relationships marriage



It’s Not My Daughter’s Job to Teach Me About Women

Esau McCaulley writes on Christianity Today to explain how he is learning to rightly respect the opposite sex through ongoing encounters with Christ.




pray church God Bible hearing God



The Most Damaging Attitude in Our Churches

Relevant Magazine revisits an earlier article on subtle cynicism and how Satan uses it to poison the church body.





listen podcast radio



Listen to the latest Mentoring Monday radio show!

Listen to the latest episode of the Mentoring Monday radio show, featuring L. Marie Trotter!







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