What’s Needed to Build a Better Workplace

What’s Needed to Build a Better Workplace

Your weekly roundup :: July 8 – 12

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.

Self-Care When Life is Messy

Think you don’t need self-care? Are you doused with guilt every time you think about taking a moment or two for yourself in the midst of a crazy schedule? Jane McGrath, Senior Manager of Digital Fundraising and Engagement for American Bible Society and chair of 4word: Philadelphia, learned the vital importance of embracing self-care in the midst of a “messy life” and shares her story of finding life-giving energy in prioritizing self-care.

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Self-care can be incredibly beneficial to your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing, but only if it’s self-care that actually feeds you. On this episode of Work, Love, Pray, Enneagram coach Beth McCord walks through each Enneagram type and how each type has different things that make them tick. Knowing what makes you tick will also help you know what you need to keep your tank full!. Hosted by Jordan Johnstone.

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From Inclusion to Support: How to Build a Better Workplace

The New York Times summarizes the New Rules Summit with quotes and topics from the numerous conversations about advances in workplace culture. 

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Women, Don’t Make The First Move (And Other Really Bad Dating Advice)

Debra Fileta with True Love Dates talks about dating “rules” from a Biblical perspective on her podcast.

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Why ‘Let Go and Let God’ Is My Lifeline

Vivian Mabuni with Christianity Today shares how trusting the Lord has made her life both easier and harder.

Watch Liz Bohannon share her incredible mentorship story

Liz Bohannon went through the 4word Mentor Program in 2016 and was introduced by her mentor to a CEO that helped change her company’s (Sseko) business model, which enabled her business to triple in 2017. Liz shares her story here with RightNow Media.

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