Why Women in the Workplace Aren’t Recognized As Much as Men (And How to Fix That)

Your weekly roundup :: December 7 – 11

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Start 2021 off on the right foot: with a mentor! The 4word Mentor Program is now open for sign-ups. The deadline to join the winter class is Friday, Jan. 8, so be sure to sign up now before the rush of the holidays!

Use the Power of Traditions to Draw Individuals Into a Community

Allison Carey, direct response marketer at American Bible Society and Large Events Chair of 4word: Philadelphia, explains the importance of honoring traditions (especially in a pandemic holiday season) and the potential power those traditions could harness in creating a close community with those in your life.

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Listen to Episode 23 now!

Lisa Adams, coach, mentor, and leader of 4word: Saratoga Springs, returns to the podcast to talk about making intentional living a reality and shares her tips for staying sane and grounded this holiday season.

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Women In The Workplace: Why They Don’t Get Recognized As Much As Men

Maria Minor with Forbes analyzes what awareness about self-promotion and providing support and mentoring opportunities to women could do to help women get noticed more.

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How Purity Culture Rhetoric Can Teach Men To Devalue Women

Rachel Joy Welcher with Relevant Magazine urges men to stop looking at women as stumbling blocks and instead view them as the coheirs of the Kingdom of God that they are.

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Maintaining a Biblical View on Material Things This Christmas

Dr. Anne Bradley with the Institute for Faith, Work & Economics asks how do Christians reconcile the tangible effects of capitalism on a season marking one of the most impactful events of all history?

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