Reconnecting Your Friendships After Pandemic Isolation

Your weekly roundup :: September 27 – October 1

As you head into your weekend, here are a few articles from the past week we thought you might enjoy.

Want To Get Healthy? Don’t Leave Your Mental Health Out of The Equation

Dr. Deb Gorton, psychologist and author, advocates for all of us to get more in tune with how our mental and emotional health is impacting our physical, more noticeable health.

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Listen to the latest Work, Love, Pray episode with Marion Medina!

On this episode, Marion Medina, 4word’s new Director of Programs, shares what she believes God’s role is for community in everyone’s lives. She also discusses how listening—really listening—to each other is the best way to build bridges in communities that might be experiencing some fractures.

Our work, love, pray favorites

women in the workforce women in the workplace

The gender gap in workplace burnout is getting wider

Lydia Dishman with Fast Company discusses the latest Women in the Workplace report from McKinsey & Company and, which reveals some alarming trends.

relationships dating singleness Christian dating Christian relationships parenting

The pandemic has been hard on friendships. Here’s how to reconnect

Allie Volpe with The Washington Post shares five tips for getting back into the friendship groove.

Christianity faith spiritual walk relationship with God

Don’t Wait for Hope. Work for It.

Hannah Anderson with Christianity Today reminds Christians that even during a pandemic, we have a duty to anticipate God’s goodness.

Catch the latest Mentoring Monday show!

Listen to the latest episode of the Mentoring Monday radio show, featuring Naomi Inman.

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