Erin Weidemann – Part 2

Welcome back to Driven 4word: Influential Leaders Powered By God’s Will. Join us each month as we share the life story of an influential leader who humbled themselves to God’s plan for their life and embarked on a journey that only He could orchestrate.

In the last episode, we met Erin Weidemann, founder of Truth Becomes Her and best-selling author of the Bible Belles series. Erin’s success today is born out of her innate desire to see a dream become reality, but the journey she had to take to get to where God ultimately had plans to use her to grow His kingdom was an interesting one to say the least. And there’s nothing that Erin would go back and change today.

Listen below as Erin shares the rest of her story. 

Erin Weidemann is the founder of Truth Becomes Her, a global organization that provides printed and digital resources to equip girls and women for their unique leadership roles. She is the author of thirteen books, including the best-selling Bible Belles series, which has grossed over $9 million in total sales. A sought-after speaker, certified teacher, and expert story mapper, Erin teaches aspiring authors and speakers to discover, develop, and deliver inspirational and teaching resources through her Legacy Story Academy. She teaches content creators how to integrate their personal stories with their professional expertise for maximum impact. She and her husband, Brent, make their home in Whitefish, Montana with their two daughters, Rooney Cruz and Roxy Rae.