Episode 11: A Truly Influential Leader is Approachable

Influence is a powerful tool and trait, and better yet—it’s not a power that is reserved for a select few. To anyone on a journey with 4word this year to become unstoppable as you follow God’s plan for your life, it is important that you recognize the potential that influence has to help catapult yourself but also (and sometimes more importantly), those around you.

This month’s Work, Love, Pray guest is Tracey Newell. Tracey has built a highly successful career in sales and leadership, working with companies like Juniper Networks, Webex, and Cisco Systems. She now serves on the boards of five high-growth software companies, and is passionate about helping companies and the teams that power them see and utilize their full potentials. As you will hear, the topic of influence and becoming a woman of influence is something that Tracey does not shy away from, and she is able to infuse this important conversation with many insights she has learned herself.

Guest Bio:

Specializing in accelerating go-to-market teams and top line revenue growth, Tracey Newell serves on the board of five high growth software companies, to include Sailpoint, Sumo Logic, Druve, Highspot and DataRobot. Tracey also serves as an advisor for Blackrock Long Term Private Capital.

Tracey is the former president of Informatica, where she served as a member of Informatica’s board of directors for two years, prior to being asked to join Informatica’s management team. As president of Informatica, Tracey was responsible for sales, marketing, revenue operations, and customer success.

Prior to joining Informatica, Tracey was EVP of global field operations at Proofpoint, where she led sales through a five-year period of hypergrowth from 96M to 700M. Recognized as a Top 100 Sales Leader by The Modern Sale, Tracey led Proofpoint’s go-to-market team to became a top five leader in the cybersecurity market. Before Proofpoint, Tracey was EVP of global sales at Polycom. She has also held sales leadership positions at Juniper Networks, Webex, and Cisco Systems. During her tenure at Cisco, Tracey was recognized by the organization Women Worth Watching.

From a philanthropic standpoint, Tracey is on the board of advisors for the University of California, Santa Barbara’s economic department, providing counsel on long term strategy for the department. Tracey has also served in non-profit organizations to include Impact 100, whose mission is to unite women to make a difference in our communities, as well as the National Charity League. Tracey graduated with honors from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and completed Stanford’s 26th Annual Directors College in June 2021.

Tracey is married to Vince Newell, together for 30+ years, and is blessed with two adult daughters, Megan (28) and Brittany (25).