Episode 14: Called to Be Peculiar – Sharing Your Faith at Work

When something really exciting happens in your life, or you stumble across something new and interesting or just plain fun, you tell people about it, right? The same feelings of excitement and wanting to tell others should be true of our faith, too. There’s one big hurdle that many of us have met or anticipate coming up against, though: where do you even begin to share your faith at work?

Nicole Arnold, Communications and Public Affairs Manager for an electric cooperative in Asheboro, NC, and a former lobbyist, shares what your spiritual walk can look like in your workplace and how to use your faith to navigate the current environment in the office and the world.

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Nicole Arnold’s career spans public relations and government affairs activities for corporations. Currently, she is the Communications and Public Affairs Manager for an electric cooperative in Asheboro, NC. Previously, Nicole worked as a lobbyist for the North Carolina Association of REALTORS and spent several years working for political campaigns and community causes.  One of the highlights of Nicole’s career was the privilege of distributing over $1.2 million in aid for victims of natural disasters like Hurricanes Matthew and Florence.

Nicole received a Master of Public Administration with a concentration in nonprofit budget and finance from UNC Charlotte and received her Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy Studies from Duke University.  She lives in High Point, NC, with her husband and three children, and enjoys painting, reading, and spending time outdoors whenever she gets the chance.