Episode 17: Vulnerability Makes You a More Confident Leader

You know the term, “fake it ‘till you make it?” As professionals, we don’t want to be faking our way through anything. We want to show up and be the best, most confident version of ourselves. Confident leadership (no matter how big or small your leadership role is) just makes you feel good as a person, and yet it’s something that so many professionals struggle with. Why? How do we change that? 

In this episode, Jill Perrin, an executive coach and a 4word mentor from Dallas, Texas, shares best practices for learning to be more confident and why vulnerability is a big determiner in whether or not you’ll succeed.

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Guest Bio:

Jill Perrin’s mission as an Executive Coach is to be an actively engaged partner & guide for Clients as they identify, explore and step into growth activities that will bring them increased self-awareness, growth, success, and satisfaction.

She works with executives who are at a professional inflection point (ex. recently promoted, earmarked for the fast-track, newly overseeing a business unit, start-up leaders, executives in transition/transformation, etc.) & helps them chart a growth path ~ both professional & personal.

As a coach she capitalizes on experience gleaned from her 30+ years 1) as an executive with F100 companies in Marketing and Senior Management roles; 2) in a successful start-up; and, 3) launching her solo practice. Jill is the founder and principal of Unlocked Leadership, an Executive Coaching practice.

Jill holds a Certificate in Coaching from Georgetown University’s Institute for Transformational Leadership. She is Myers Briggs certified & ACC credentialed via ICF. Her clients include Senior Executives and High Potential Managers in Global For Profit, Not for Profit, and Government Organizations.

She joined the successful startup Business Talent Group (a leader in the On-Demand Talent Market-place) in 2007 as the 5th employee. Over 12+ years she served on the Executive Committee & held leadership roles ranging from SVP, Client Services to SVP, Talent Development, to Chief Talent Advisor. 

Ms. Perrin served for 17+ years as an executive in F100 companies focusing on Brand Management, Direct Marketing, & General Management. She served as President of a $100MM Direct Marketing business with General Electric (6 years). Prior, she held leadership positions at American Express (7 years), General Foods & First City National Bank. 

She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School & an undergraduate degree in Economics from Stanford University. She is Six Sigma certified. 

She serves as an advisor to Reboot Career Accelerators, a national organization which offers a suite of programs to get women current, connected, & confident to return to the workforce or pursue new goals. 

Jill volunteers as a Mentor for women in the workplace with 4word, serves on the Board of Directors for the Harvard Business School Club (Dallas/Ft. Worth), and serves as a 1:1 tutor for children behind grade vis a vis reading skills in the Dallas Public School system.

“My job is to awaken possibility in other people.”

Benjamin Zander, musical director of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra