Episode 20: Senior VP at American Bible Society on Confidence Only Your Community Can Bring

As you build your community, you must stay focused on what your intent is behind having a community. Growing as a person—professionally, personally, and spiritually—will require the support and insight of others if you truly wish to change and develop. But because this is such a personal journey, the makeup of your community will largely depend on what makes you tick.

Are there certain types of people or roles within your community that should be filled in order for you to experience growth through community? How do you find those people? How can you be a mutually beneficial community member to someone else?

On this episode, Rev. Dr. Nicole Martin, Senior Vice President of Ministry Impact at American Bible Society, talks about what community has meant to her throughout her life, and why community has the potential to give you a powerful, unshakable confidence.

Guest Bio:

Nicole Martin currently serves as the Senior Vice President for Ministry Impact at American Bible Society. She is also an Assistant Professor at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and founder of Soulfire International Ministries. She has published numerous articles in Christianity Today and is the author of two books, Made to Lead: Empowering Women for Ministry and Leaning In, Letting Go: A Lenten Devotional. She serves on the board for the National Association of Evangelicals and on the Board of Trustees at Gordon College. Nicole is a nationally recognized speaker, focusing on engaging all people in the life-changing power of God’s Word.