Episode 3: The Platinum Rule of Being a Caring Leader

What makes a good boss? What makes a bad boss? If you are a boss, how can you know where you lie on the spectrum? Kelly Thurman, speaker, facilitator, acute strategist, and 4word’s Board Chair, joins the podcast to share her “platinum rule” anyone can follow to improve the quality of their leadership. Hosted by Jordan Johnstone.

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Guest Bio:

An admired and respected business executive, Kelly Thurman has a 20 year accomplished record in building new lines of business and significantly improving corporate margins. She has been responsible for leading high impact teams at some of the world’s leading firms such as Bristol-Myers Squibb, Western International Media, Sprint and EDS.

Kelly is an astute strategist with remarkable insight and clarity about what it takes to be successful. She has lead strategy development initiatives in several companies and has a demonstrated track record in the successful development and implementation of key business strategies in a variety of industries. She is a highly engaging speaker and facilitator that helps individuals link learning and new ideas with real world application. Her business acumen and ability to synthesize practical experience with a fresh outlook make for a rewarding and challenging exchange.