Episode 4: A Belonging Company Culture Starts With You

Company culture is something that is consistently a topic of conversation among professionals, and usually not for a positive reason. The goal of any company is to have unified teams working in a belonging environment— an amazing goal, for sure! But it’s one of those “easier said than done” situations a lot of the time…and it really doesn’t need to be. Trina Lee, a non-profit professional and manager of the 4word Mentor Program, joins the podcast to talk about belonging culture and why it’s important for any size company to prioritize.

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Trina Lee is a non-profit professional. She leads the U.S. sponsorship team for Africa New Life, which is transforming the lives of over 10,000 students in Rwanda. Trina is also part of the 4word team, manages the 4word Mentor Program, and has personally paired over 500 mentor pairs together. She’s been part of 4word since 2011 and serves on the 4word: Portland leadership team.