Work, Love, Pray episode 6 with Christy Wright

Episode 6: Use Goals to Build Your Personal Confidence

In this conversation, Christy Wright discusses the topic of confidence and why it is a struggle for many women. Christy also highlights the impact of imposter syndrome and the fear of failure on women’s confidence. She emphasizes the importance of setting goals to increase confidence and shares insights on how to overcome setbacks and maintain confidence. Christy encourages individuals to seek community and surround themselves with supportive and authentic people. She also provides goal-setting resources and suggests setting goals that align with one’s current season of life to build confidence.

Key Takeaways

Guest Bio:

Picture of Christy Wright, author and speaker

Christy Wright is the #1 bestselling author of Business Boutique, Take Back Your Time, and Living True. She is a certified business coach, dynamic speaker and personal development expert. Christy hosts two top-rated podcasts. On her show Get Your Hopes Up, she encourages people to get to know God, get closer to Him and get their hopes up again. Her Business Bootcamp show gives business owners the practical steps they want and the tough love truth they need to succeed. Christy has been featured on The Today Show and Fox News, and in Success, Entrepreneur, and Woman’s Day magazines.

Whether she’s running on stage in heels or running after her kids, coaching leaders or cleaning up goldfish crumbs, Christy makes the most out of life and loves to encourage others to do the same. Christy lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Matt, their three children Carter, Conley and Mary Grace, and their dog Cooper.