Episode 2: Leveraging Your Memorial Stones for Strength Through Any Battle

Dawn F. Landry, author of ARMORED, joins the podcast to talk about how she was stretched and pressed into becoming a “care coach” for her husband through three major, life-threatening illnesses. As a tenured, business professional with no medical background and limited maternal instincts, Dawn had to redefine the role of caregiver and, through these experiences, Dawn has concluded that everything we need to not only survive but to overwhelmingly succeed in the darkest of times is already wired within us.

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Guest Bio:

Dawn F. Landry has spent over half of her 27-year career in Houston’s corporate real estate industry, excelling in business development and marketing leadership positions within the region’s largest economic development organization, as well as international commercial construction companies.

In February 2017, she founded Authentizity, LLC, as an independent B2B growth strategist and a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths® Coach to provide consulting, training, and coaching services that optimize technical teams’ engagement and productivity. While operating as the organization’s CEO, she recently authored and self-published a bestselling book, ARMORED.