Episode 10: Struggling Mentally Doesn’t Make You Less of a Person (Or Christian)

In this episode, we talk about getting to a place where we’re OK with not being OK. Are you cringing? Is your heart beating a little faster? Did your ears just perk up, even though everything in you is wanting to just skip this episode and keep pushing through your day? Then this episode is for you.

Dr. Shannan Crawford, licensed clinical psychologist and leadership consultant, joins the podcast to talk about why we are so reluctant to admit when our mental health is suffering, and how she herself has learned when it’s time to pause and let God open His waiting arms to us for rest and renewed strength.

Guest Bio:

Dr. Shannan Crawford is a clinical psychologist, adjunct professor, and leadership consultant who has invested over 15-years honing strategies for optimal performance for those leading in the creative, corporate, faith-based, and entrepreneurial spaces. And the host for the Unlock U with Dr. Shannan Crawford Podcast in which she engages thought leaders on curated topics on where leaders get stuck in order to help unlock leaders emotionally, relationally, spiritually, and vocationally, 

Dr. Crawford does not believe in crazy; she believes symptoms are symbolic and need to be understood in the context of a holistic understanding of the interaction between body, soul, and spirit. She loves working with leaders because the language of the unconscious is best understood through allegory and story. She intuitively helps individuals identify and overcome areas of self-sabotage by deepening awareness of their internal world to enrich creative enjoyment.

Innovator of Restoring-Self-Cohesion (RSC) approach, Dr. Crawford helps creatives remove the unconscious blocks that have been limiting the spontaneous free flowing enjoyment of their craft. RSC is designed to lower defense mechanisms, map, and strategically resolve the root areas of self-sabotage to help creative entrepreneurs remove unconscious blocks, restore internal alignment and cohesion, in order to see creatives, flourish in their craft.