A Romantic Hit and Run

What do you do when a guy is hitting on you?  What about when a polite hints don’t work?

I’ll start by stating my age, 52.  Even old ladies get hit on.  Even old, very married ladies.

So what do you do?

Two weekends ago was my daughter, Annie’s, college parent’s weekend.  She had a big project due, so we decided to go to a coffee shop to talk and do a little studying/work.

After we got in the coffee shop, ordered and found a place to sit, I went out to the car to grab my computer.  As I was walking back, I saw a man coming my way.  He stopped me and said, “I know this sounds a little weird, but you are the most gorgeous women I have ever seen.”  Ugh, awkward.  I knew it was a line.  I also knew this was not just one of those compliments and he was “up to something,“ but I said “thank you” and headed toward the side door.

He followed.  He told me where to find the front door to coffee shop.  I volunteered that I was there for parent’s weekend and I was studying with my daughter.  I even introduced him to Annie, so that he would “get my drift.”  He left and went to another area of the shop.

But he didn’t quit.  When I got up over an hour later to use the restroom, who was there to greet me?  Parking lot guy . . .  His new line was, “I would really like to take you out for a drink.”  There were students sitting at tables all around us, so I thought, God help me, this is a time to be firm and be an example of the covenant relationship of marriage, I replied, “thank you, I am married and I don’t go out for drinks with other men.”  This time he got the picture.

Now, if this kind of thing happened at night in a dark parking lot, I would have told you to run inside the coffee shop fast and ask an employee to walk you out to your car when you leave.  We must be wise, but know too that God can use these situations.

I know a college guy heard the conversation and Annie caught a drift of it, too.  Later, Annie shared the story with her boyfriend and his roommates.   They got some laughs out of it (I did too), but I hope it also served as an example that even in seemingly-harmless situations, marriage must be protected.

The devil will test us in many ways and the world gives us lots of temptations that could hurt our intimate relationships.  God is our strength and will be there for us if we always look to him for guidance.