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Welcome back, everyone! We hope that you had a wonderful week and that you’re beginning to see some cooler fall weather, wherever you happen to be. In keeping with this week’s “pray” theme, we’ve been talking about the different ways that God seeks to grow our faith and deepen our relationship with Him. Here’s a summary of what we wrote here on the 4word blog, as well as a sampling of other bloggers’ thoughts on faith this week.

Previously on 4word
On Monday, Diane told us how she took a leap of faith and founded 4word: “I guess that’s the real beauty of a true “leap of faith:” if it were comfortable, and required only things we were good at, it wouldn’t be much of a “leap,” and it would be awfully easy to take credit for.  As it is, I can see God’s hand in every single step.”

Then, on Wednesday, we talked to Jennie Allen, whose new Bible study series, Stuck, became available on Saturday: “God wants to do something on this planet and in me, but as long as I am privately fighting and losing inside, He can’t. He has a plan for these spaces inside of us, the places we feel broken, but we have to go to Him, Jennie said.

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Up Next
We’ll be talking about work next week. On Monday, Diane will review Chasing Superwoman, written by Susan DiMickele about her life as a mother, international lawyer and follower of Jesus. For our Wednesday interview, we’ll hear from Rachel Cruze about what she learned from her father, Dave Ramsey, about financial stewardship.

PS – If you’ve read Work, Love, Pray, you know that Diane started her business career as a young girl, working at her parents’ farm, Detering Orchards. Tomorrow, she’ll be returning to her roots. If you stop by the farm, you’ll find Diane scooping cobbler along with the rest of the family. Take a picture! We’d love to post it here on the blog.